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  •   Product Description
  • Pinguan leak tester is a cost effective way to monitor good or bad containers and eliminate bad containers on production lines. It uses the latest leak detection technology from Europe and U.S.A. to ensure high precision, stable performance and high proficiency. Our company has almost 20 years of experience in leakage detection, and owns a number of patents on leakage detection technology in China. Every Pinguan machine is manufactured in strict accordance to the ISO 9001 and CE certificates, to guarantee high quality while serving every production sector.


    1. High precision, can detect tiny leaks
    2. Non-destructive detection, no harm to the products being tested
    3. Better flexibility, one leak tester can test different products
    4. PLC control, can store recipe for fast changeover
    5. Colorful touch screen makes the operation fast and convenient
    6. Can work independently or in line with the blow molding machine

    Double heads precision leak tester, model: PG-2

    The double-head precision leak tester PG-2 adopts PLC controlling system which enhances the flexibility of function extensions. The man-machine interface touch screen makes the operation simple and fast.

    Detecting speed: 900 to 2000 bottles per hour
    Conveyor length: 1500 mm
    Conveyor height adjustment: 750mm to 1200 mm
    Machine dimensions: 1500*700*1650 mm

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